7 Characteristics Of A Good Divorce Lawyer.

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A lot of people who go through the tough process of divorce tends to hire divorce lawyers to make the procedure easier. When it comes to hiring a divorce lawyer, people usually look for expert advice on what kind of lawyer they should hire. Whether he should be a fierce and tough attorney or a cool-headed person, people wants to know which one will be the most suitable for them. Around 50% of the marriages in the USA end up in divorce, which means the country has the third-highest percentage of divorces in the entire world. And that is the exact reason why there are a lot of divorce lawyers in the USA. Finding a divorce lawyer is easy, but finding a good divorce lawyer is not that easy. Not all of the divorce lawyers available are good at their job; even if they have graduated from the most prestigious schools. What law school they went to should not be the only criteria. A good lawyer possesses a set of qualities that gives him the edge over other lawyers. That is why you need to find a lawyer who possesses all these great characteristics, is professional and will take care of you. In this article, I have shared a list of qualities that a good divorce lawyer must have.

After reading this article, you will be able to hire a divorce attorney that can help you win your case.


The first characteristic you need to look for in your divorce lawyer is his qualification. Find out what courses he had studied and what college or university he went to. A good lawyer will have a good academic background as well. It is also important to know in what field of law your lawyer got an academic specialization in. You also need to find out what license he holds and in which states he is allowed to practice law. In some divorce cases, the couple can be from two different states, and the law is different in every state. That is why it is always better to make sure that your lawyer will be able to handle the proceedings in both states. Qualifications also include the reputation of the lawyer. You can check with the lawyer societies and clubs or can ask for a judge’s opinion of the lawyer. The more qualified and experienced lawyer you will get, the more likely you are to win the case. You can check at our site who has highly qualified divorce lawyers.


How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer | Terry & Roberts

Honesty is a quality that is the foundation of any relationship in the world. Honesty is indeed the best policy, and you need to hire a lawyer that will always be honest with you. No matter how harsh the truth is, a divorce lawyer should never hold it back from his client. And it has to work both ways. A client always must not hide anything at all from the lawyer because that is in their best interest. The honesty will also establish that the divorce lawyer is not taking it as just another case, but he cares for his clients. 

Honesty also does not mean that a divorce lawyer should tell all the negative things to his client. All he needs to do is focus on the positive and keep the client aware of all the possibilities. He should show his clients the best path forward must boost his confidence. If the lawyer is not able to handle the cases due to any reason, he should simply tell it to the client and encourage them to look for other options.


What good is hiring a lawyer, if he will not be available for you at the time of need! That is why one must always make sure that the lawyer they are hiring will give them proper time and will listen to them carefully. If you have found an attorney that has all the great qualities and is known to win cases but is hardly ever available, then you will never feel good about your case. When you would not be able to communicate directly during crucial times, not only you will feel that the lawyer is not taking your case seriously, but you will also get frustrated. Identifying if the lawyer will be available for you or not is not that hard. The time issue arises with a lawyer when he has too many clients and is burdened with all the cases. So all you need to do is make sure that the lawyer you are hiring is not overloaded with several clients and can provide a good amount of his focus to your case.

Professional Attitude

No matter what field an individual is working in, without professionalism, he can never succeed in that particular field. And the same things goes for divorce attorneys. If a divorce attorney lacks professionalism, then he is not a good attorney at all. Professional attitude means that the lawyer must possess all the professional qualities including punctuality, respect towards client, honesty, hard work and determination. Any divorce lawyer who does not practice with a professional attitude will always be struggling to get clients. 

Professionalism is extremely important for a lawyer because that is how they can build a good reputation in the community. So you need to make sure that you hire an attorney who has that professional attitude. You can get a good idea of his professionalism during your first meeting. The first impression is the last, so if you have got a good first impression, then you should stick with that attorney and go forward. But if you have even the slightest doubt about it, you should look for someone else. There is no point of wasting your money and time in such a scenario.


No matter if it is a divorce lawyer, family lawyer or a criminal lawyer if he does not have confidence, he will never succeed in this field. A divorce lawyer has to stand in front of people in court and has to convince the judge with his arguments. If he lacks confidence, he will never be able to achieve that.  A lawyer with good confidence does not just stand up in the court but can also take charge of the situation and can make his arguments more convincing. He will also be able to handle the pressure and the questions that the opposing lawyer will raise. Imagine being in a courtroom with a lawyer who does not speak loudly and presents his arguments in a shaking voice. Even you won’t be able to believe him, let alone the judges and the audience. That is why you need to conduct your research and make sure that you hire an experienced lawyer who is also a good communicator.


You can read about everything in the books and can attend the lectures of the most qualified teacher, but you still would not be able to learn what experience can teach you. Experience is the best teacher of all, and that is something you need to look for in your divorce lawyer. Going with a lawyer who is just starting his career is always a very risky move. Someone who is not aware of what happens in court regularly can easily be blindsided, and you can end up losing arguments or worse the entire case. But when you go with an experienced lawyer, he will always be able to see the same thing coming from miles away. An experienced lawyer would have worked on a number of cases in his lifetime, so no matter how complex your case gets, he will also know the way out. Having an experienced attorney is also a great confidence booster because your attorney will always be calm and cheerful, and that will keep you hopeful as well. So make sure that the attorney you are going for has won some real cases in the courtroom.

Well Equipped

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Always make sure that the attorney you are going to pick has all the resources to work on your case. If you are going to pick an attorney who works alone in his office, that might not be a great idea. Your attorney must have all the resources and skills that you will need to win your case. You can simply ask your divorce lawyer about this before finalizing your decision. Try to ask him questions about how he can get you out of a certain situation. If he has the skill; he will be able to impress you with his answer. If you are going with a big law firm, then you do not have to worry about the resources because they have numerous associates working at the firm. A good lawyer will also make sure that he has assigned a specific associate to your case. That ensures that someone is working on your case all the time. A resourceful lawyer will also be able to find the minor of the points in your case, which can give you a huge advantage in court. So make sure you have finalized the deal.

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